Nursing Department

The nurses at KIMS Medical Center are compassionate and skilled caregivers dedicated to providing for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our patients and families in a collegial environment that supports professional excellence. The Department of Nursing is committed to providing competent, compassionate, innovative and accessible nursing care to its patients.  The delivery of care is individualized, outcome oriented, and evidence-based.
We believe that nursing practice is rooted in the science of caring.  Caring is the most central and unifying focus for nursing practice. As coordinators of care, nurses must collaborate with other health team members in the delivery of quality health care.  We believe that nursing:

  • Is both patient-centered and patient driven
  • Works with the families and/or significant others
  • Assists patients to manage human responses to health and illness
  • Is a unique relationship between nurse and patient
  • Is an adaptation to life experiences and human responses
  • Values the patient’s beliefs, cultural and spiritual
  • Protects patients from injury/harm
  • Maintains privacy/confidentiality
  • Supports optimal functioning
  • Is coordinated across the continuum of healthcare settings