Diagnostic Services

The laboratory at KIMS Medical Center is a full service clinical laboratory that offers patients and physicians a convenient and high quality testing service 365 days a year. Routine procedures are performed daily to provide physicians with diagnostic information as rapidly as possible. Enhancements in the medical technology field are constantly being reviewed and evaluated for the benefit of patients' health. State-of-the-art automation and computerization, combined with a highly skilled technical and support staff, provide better patient care. The staff physicians are board-certified pathologists.  As an added convenience, most routine tests at our Medical Center’s laboratory are analyzed and reported on the same day.

Radiology department provides diagnostic imaging and ultrasound services and operates under established protocols adapted from MOH and ACHSI. Our radiologist will review the images. Your nursing staff will receive a copy of the results to review with you. It usually takes 15 minutes to interpret report and deliver results.