KIMS Care card

This is an annual membership for four family members. The scheme entitles the card holder and his family members to four free consultations and one free health checkup. In addition, the membership comes with discounts on a number of our other services for the duration of the year.

1 Privileges are valid for 4 family members for a year from date of enrollment
2 4 free consultations with either consultant or specialist with one follow up visit each per consultation*
3 One free annual KCC Health Checkup per card*
KCC Health Checkup
2 Lipid Profile
3 Urine Analysis
5 Physician Consultation
4 20% discount on consultation fees beyond the 4 free consultations
5 15% discounts on the tariff rates for all OP procedures and diagnostics
6 5% discount on outpatient pharmacy purchases
7 Appointments by phone (VIP waiting Lounge access)
8 5% Discount on Children’s Immunization / Vaccination
9 File shifting free of charge to any other unit in case of change in residence
* Available only at location at which the card is issued