Skin care center, Dermatology department

Welcome to the Department of Skin care department under, dermatology, KIMS Medical centre.

Our mission is to provide sustained patient satisfaction, investigation, patient care, and in providing education to the public at large regarding the importance of healthy and progressive lifestyle fosters creativity and synergy.

Our faculty is committed to the highest level of basic & treatments in dermatologic science.


Scope of Services at the center,

We provide marked improvement and removal through laser of the following:

·         Laser assisted hair removal

·         Birthmarks (red, brown and black)

·         Phototherapy and Excimer laser for: Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Atopic dermatitis

·         Telangiectasia and superficial leg veins

·         Tattoos (all colours)

·         Burn scars and Keloids

·         Post-acne and chickenpox scars

·         Warts and benign skin conditions

·         Vascular lesions removal

·         Full-face resurfacing

·         Freckles and brown spots

Advanced Cosmetic treatment

·         LASER assisted cosematic procedures

          Wrinkles and photo ageing

·         Stretch marks

·         Fillers and botolinum toxins injection

·         Hyperpigmentation around eyes

·         All types of peeling (chemical, mechanical & lasers)

·         Mechanical removal of white facial hair

·         Hair care and hair loss treatment


Department has the best of equipments & materials which adds an extra feather to the department which is already having expert Dermatologist ably supported by talented Nurses & technicians.


The LASER care is being arranged at an exclusive area, which is beautified and rearranged, in such a manner that persons will feel very comfortable to stay and take all treatments and do not feel away from home,

For any further clarifications, please feel free to contact the department at extn 225.